Friday, July 10, 2015

Math Department Lead Teachers/Chairs

This past week was the EngageOK Conference sponsored by the SDE.  One session that I attended was about the role of Math Department Lead Teachers/Chairs.Here are several ideas discussed.

A lead/chair should...
1.  Focus on excellence in their own classrooms
2.  Build relationships
3.  Focus on helping teachers who want to improve
4.  Be aware of and tend to issues as soon as they arise.
5.  Be a good example in all areas (ex.  Strive to learn on PD days, be attentive at faculty meetings, be positive in lounges/workrooms)
6.  Mentor all newer teachers
7.  Inspire teachers to inspire students
8.  Communicate opportunities to improve
9.  Share information about standards
10.  Collaborate with teachers in other areas and buildings
11.  Strive to discuss vertical alignment
12.  Pay close attentions to individual teacher's needs and help get them met
13.  Be willing to take on challenges within the department 
14.  Be an advocate for the department
15.  Hold department members accountable
16.  Focus on improvement
17.  Share your wisdom
18.  Let the department know that you have an open door policy (allow teachers to enter your classroom to observe your teaching anytime)
19.  Observe the teacher in the department to ensure that they are doing what they say they are doing (non-evaluative) and discuss what you see.

Feel free to add additional thoughts below.

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