Saturday, August 2, 2014

My TMC14 Highlights!

I must start with WOW!  I had never been to such a relaxing, comfortable conference!  150 teachers who are willing to listen, learn and critic each others work.  I love the way the focus seemed to be totally different than other conferences.  I had the feeling of "I can do technology".  I felt encouraged to tweet more and blog more!  It's not that everyone needs to read what I write, but it is a reminder to myself of what is important to me and ideas that I have!

My biggest Aha moments:
1.  Every time you ask a class why, allow them to turn and talk.  Everyone's answer to why is a little different and if they turn and talk it allows the students to process.
2.  SnagIt!!!  I can't wait to create lessons using snag it for my virtual and/or absent students to experience.  What's more exciting the Techsmith guy, Jason Valade, showed me how to do it!!!!!!!  Watch out Jason, I have your email address AND phone number! 
3.  You start the problem.  I have the habit of asking students to finish solving a problem during lecture time, but what if I allowed a student to START the problem.  Then I could guide them through the entire problem as they go the direction that THEY choose.
4.  Not all secondary math teachers agree on what topics are the most important.  AND, that's okay!

Hope to see you at TMC15!! :)

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