Friday, November 1, 2013


I have had the opportunity to attend the 8 day training on Cognitive Coaching.  In a nutshell, the training is how to guide other teachers how to become more effective, plan and resolve problems without telling them what to do. I have met many educators from across the state who have the opportunity to influence other teachers.  Most of them are instructional coaches at the elementary level.  They spend time helping teachers prepare lessons, collecting classroom data and work as a bridge between teachers and administators.  

It makes me wonder...Why is it that Instructional coaches are at many elementary sites but not secondary?  As teachers are desiring scores above 3 on the Teacher/Leader Effectiveness, now would be the time to pilot a high school instructional coach!  I know that many teachers would not take advantage of an instructional coach, but those who would, could make minor classroom changes that would have a positive impact on student first time taker's EOI scores.  

This leads me to my developing passion!  I have always desired to have observer preservice teachers and intern teachers in my classroom.  I love to have the opportunity to guide them into a successful start of their career.  I now have a strong desire to work with other teachers to improve/refine their skills in order to increase their effectiveness!  I know that it sounds weird, but I am very excited at changing my priorities as teachers ask me questions about what they can try in their classroom.

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