Friday, April 26, 2013

Time to Learn!

I have been teaching for 20 years. As I reflect over this school year, I have thought about this being a "Dream Year". I have been in a brand new classroom, used brand new computers and started a brand new course, all things I have dreamed of.

But, as I think back to my first year of teaching with books, pencils, paper, chalkboards and chalk. i taught in a small building with 7 teacher, being the only math teacher. My classroom was my world. No computer. No TV. No phone. I seldom knew what was going on out the wall of my class. My goal then was to teach students how to make the grade. My dream was to survive the school year.

I would have never dreamed of this schedule: teaching students who were taking a 4th year of high school math, by choice, teaching with the help of a smart board, instant Internet access to look up questions asked (such as "Is the tower of Pisa really that tall with that Angle?"), phone to quickly and easily contact parents, textbooks online, homework completed online and student access to computer generated examples.

I would have NEVER dreamed of this Dream Year. What will my classroom look in another 20 years? There is no way to know today! But if I continue to strive to learn, my students will benefit every day

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