Sunday, March 24, 2013

Graphing Rational Functions

Ever tried to get students to visualize the connections made between the equation of a rational function and it's attributes?  My students always get confused when they first start working with rational function.  So, a friend and I worked to create a "Placemat" that the students could use to see those connections.  My students picked up on the connections quite quickly by using the placemats. 

If you are willing to try them with your students, let me know and I will email you the PDF.  (Or if you would like to tell me how to attach the file here, I would be glad to do it!)

Print the two pages front/back on white cardstock.  I used a highlighter and colored the matching rectangles to help students make the visual connections.  (I created the rectangles to help my color-blind  students make the visualizations.)  Laminate the placemats.  I gave my students a wet erase marker and a moist wipe.

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